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In Bourgogne, at the Cormatin Castle, located between Tournus and Cluny, three energetic and inventive sculptors erect very high monumental sculptures. Georges Meurdra (born in 1960) […] takes elementary physics and aesthetics into consideration. […] Georges Meurdra is never prisoner of his model: “When I think about a sculpture in progress, there  may be ten possible sculptures in my head; there are icons, there are shapes which I probably won’t achieve, it will be something different…”.

                                                                                                Gilbert Lascault

Excerpts from the book : Les sculpteurs du metal …

With experience, Georges Meurdra has refined his grinding technique so that pressure from the abrasive disc shouldn’t leave any unintentional line or mark on the surface of the artwork. […] The sculptor cuts out the different parts with a blowtorch and assembles them with a welding arc. His only guides are his eyes and the chalk lines drawn on the metal sheet. […]

As I visited his latest exhibition in Burgundy, I was struck by the variety and consistency of his artistic vocabulary. This balanced and well-proportioned sculpture suggests more than a mere design in space. […] The contours and the different metal surfaces to be seen give each piece of work a real bodily presence. The stand, which is part of the whole work, or just a three-legged support, is designed with the utmost simplicity.

                                                                                               Dominique Dalemont  March 2006

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