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GM dans un cercle

Georges Meurdra was born in Strasbourg in 1960. He has mainly devoted himself to metal sculptures since he graduated from the Valence Art School in 1983. Since 1989, he has consistently cooperated with La Vie des Formes for the execution of monumental sculptures, notably in Chalon-sur-Saone and in New York City. His technique, characterized by a strong determination to work without constraints, has led Georges Meurdra to recommend the use of recycled materials.

Far from changing the actual use of the objects created, Georges Meurdra counts on an overall liberty of shapes. His works elaborate themselves slowly in an intuitive and even instinctive movement that gives them this typically organic aspect so specific to Georges Meurdra style.

The sensuality of the recesses and curves, the assumed complexity of the source materials and the richness of vocabulary conjugate in a continual balance of power, a hand to hand struggle sometimes brutal, truly carnal and fully assumed.     



 Georges Meurdra - Tel workshop :  04 75 59 56 46  -  E-mail :  georges.meurdra(a)gmail.com  Blog : georgesmeurdra.blogspot.com